5 Ways to produce professional video content remotely

In a recent survey 85% of companies are either using video or want to use video in their marketing.  But due to social distancing, producing professional video content has become more difficult. With the glut of user-generated video content, the challenge is to stand out and get engagement. Here are some ideas as to how professional content can be created remotely. 

1. Re-edit existing footage

Many companies have unused footage sitting on a hard drive somewhere. This may be from a previous shoot or a conference. This material can be re-edited, new graphics and voice-over added and repackaged into new clips. 

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2. Use stock footage

New content can be created using a voice-over, onscreen text, music and stock footage. There is a wealth of stock footage available online that can be used in this way. Stock footage, photos and graphics can all be used to fill visual gaps in a video or comprise the entire video. 

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3. Edit and package user-generated footage

With people being stuck at home it is possible to get staff, customers and even professional presenters to shoot footage of themselves. Providing guidelines on how to get the most out of a phone camera or webcam is essential. With so many people producing their own video content at home with a phone it is difficult to distinguish between them. Hence, they are not getting the views they should. The content either needs to serve an existing audience, be world-class in its message or look different to get the attention it deserves. Packaging this content according to a predetermined message and adding graphics, text and music can make any footage look professional and stand out from the crowd.

4. Create animated content

Animated graphics or explainer videos are easy to produce as scriptwriters, designers, voice artists and animators are used to working remotely. 95% of people who watch online video say they have watched an explainer video to learn about a product or service. They can be fun and engaging to watch. 

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5. Use an animated spokesperson

This is still a relatively new way for companies to communicate with their staff and customers. Combining a character with an explainer style video, an animated spokesperson gives a voice and personality to a company’s messages. Whereas most explainer videos use generic characters to represent the company, a spokesperson video focusses in detail on the character and persona of the company. They are also quicker to produce and more cost-effective than traditional explainer videos. 

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Remember, social distancing doesn’t mean don’t work, it means to stay at home. Working with a remote team it is still possible to create engaging professional video content during this time.

To explore any of these ideas for your video content, contact Steven at UZI Media on 083 735 9982 or steven@uzi.media.

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