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How to stop worrying and love the pandemic

Content needs to be engaging. Especially as more than half the planet sits glued to their computer screens or mobile devices for work and leisure. COVID 19 has brought a surge in the consumption of online content. This is especially true of news but also the gobbling up of videos, articles, and podcasts has increased by up to 60%.

Similarly, there has been an increase in social media usage, with Facebook reporting their usage is up 50% in certain regions. However, the consequence of this is that it is more difficult to get engagement. With more people online producing and consuming content, the competition for attention has greatly increased. How do we engage and connect with our audience in this environment?

The quality of the content is an obvious differentiator. But these days, everyone is an expert. And with so much good content, it’s hard to differentiate between the good, the very good and the really good.

Information is abundant

As we start to get a handle on what the rest of 2020 might look like, it’s not enough for content to merely inform. Information is abundant. Assuming we’ve got relevant content available to meet the needs of a defined audience, the question falls on HOW? HOW do we engage our staff and customers in the things that are important to them and our businesses?


One way to meet this challenge is to combine marketing with storytelling. Taking ideas and wrapping them up in an engaging means of transmission is surely the aspiration of many communication strategies. Stories come in many guises and formats.

With so much content designed to educate, edutainment is one iteration of this idea. That education can be delivered in an entertaining way using games and videos.

Marketing Showrunner

Another is a marketing show, with our role becoming that of a Marketing Showrunner. A showrunner is the overall creative mind and producer of a television show. They do exactly what the title suggests: they run the show as director and producer.

Bringing this role into the field of marketing is a phrase coined by Jay Acunzo.

Marketing is no longer about grabbing attention. It’s all about holding it. Today’s best marketers understand: Marketing isn’t about who arrives. It’s about who stays.

Jay Acunzo

Original show

The way to get them to stay is to think of content in terms of producing an original show. A show that serves a particular community of people by providing them with content they want to see. Acunzo applies this thinking to podcasts, but it can just as easily be applied to video.

Myron’s World

And so it is that UZI Media begins an experimental journey that aims to produce relevant content in the form of a show. Titled Myron’s World, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pandemic, it features our Brand Avatar Myron Minski.

Who is Myron Minski?

He is not your typical hero. Storyteller, entrepreneur, part-time futurist, and Brand Avatar, he is the world’s most famous thought leader no-one’s heard of.

Lockdown has seen him fighting with his newly discovered obsessions of caffeine, self-isolation, and trying to get his digital assistant to use profanity.

But after two months of hibernation, he is ready to ask REAL thought leaders about the most important questions facing entrepreneurs and marketing professionals at this time.

Myron’s World covers topics like purpose, freedom, entrepreneurship, storytelling, the attention economy, AI, and ultimate human destiny in the new world of 2020.

Look out for the teaser video to be released tomorrow, 11 June 2020.

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